Donnerstag 30. Mai
14.30 Begrüssung

Constanze Kirmse (D) translator. How To Bring Different Worlds Together
Mike Holmes (USA) Gallery Owner Velvet Da Vinci.  A New Narrative: American Contemporary Jewelry
Freitag 31. Mai
Christina Karababa (Greece) Objektgestalerin, Researcher. Technology and additive manufacturing
Ulrich Reithofer (Austria) Schmuckmacher, Professor. Personal Language
Sam Wall (Ireland) Kunst- u. Schmuckmachen. Brick by Brick – The building of a wall
Panjapol Kulpapangkorn (Thailand) Schmuckmachen. Jewellery Is At My Feet – participation
Helen Britton (Australian) Sampleing, borrowing and downright Thievery:
Dillusion of integrity in the field of contemporary jewellery


-> Bitte Schmuck mitbringen!

Samstag 01. Juni
Talking heads

-> Your opinions about the language of contemporary jewellery
Lisbeth Den Besten (NL). Wrap it, glue it, bind it, tape it or copy it – the new cliche of
contemporary jewellery
Patrick Letschka (UK) Kunst Professor. The Human Body Form
Student speakers. If you were to say something about the language of jewellery, what would you say?
Simone Ten Hompel (Germany). 3D Decibel
Jorge Manilla (Mexico) Schmuckmachen. If you can not say it in words, express yourself in another way
Sonntag 02. Juni
Karin Roy Anderson (Sweden) Schmuckmachen. To shape or getting shaped: Imitation Vs. Inspiration
Kathryn Lichti-Harriman (UK) Visual Anthroplogy. Deep Thinking: How Materials Make Us
Runder Tisch