Intro (en)

30 May – 2 June

Casey Fenn, Timothy Information Limited, Laura Bradshaw-Heap: UK: Mind Your Language

This years symposium we will be exploring, questioning, pulling apart and putting back together, some of the
many issues facing the linguistics of jewellery today. Especially focusing on our communication with one another
and our different audiences.

What is the language of contemporary jewellery? No seriously, what is the language of art jewellery? Are you
reading this in English? Is English your second language? Are you American? Are you getting the gist so far?
Or are you reading the German translation? Is it accurate? I wouldn’t know, I’m afraid I don’t speak la Deutsch. I
mean, has every nuance, colloquialism and bad pun made it over in one piece? Blahdy blahdy blah blah. That
last sentace is sentance .I only put it in to test my translating friend.

But I can hear what you are saying. Surely the work is the language or the language is the work. So hey! Let’s all
sit around “Miss Piggy” by ‘Ted Noten’ and listen to what it’s got to say. Actually I’ve never seen “Miss Piggy” by
‘Ted Noten’ in the flesh. I’ve only seen photos of “Miss Piggy” by ‘Ted Noten’. It looks quite big. Oh, and I’ve read
what that French journalist had to say about it in the English translation of that article in that Swedish magazine.

What is the language of contemporary jewellery and is anybody listening? Come along to Zimmerhof and we’ll
have a good old chat about it!

English Tea will be served at 4pm daily (the frogs legs are off!)